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Mobile Applications

The tremendous increase in the Mobile Devices popularity and usability, there is no doubt that it is a latest and the greatest place for brands. Be it an Android, iPhone, Blackberry, RIM, Windows Mobile or Symbian ringer, we’re well equipped to provide utility applications that add major brand/product credibility.

We provide quality iPhone application through our experienced team of iPhone Application Developers. Our strength lies in design and development of applications that seamlessly integrate with iPhone 3G environments. We bring extensive knowledge of Mac OS X platform, Xcode development environment/tool chain, and iPhone simulators.

Our customized iPhone application solutions are promised to deliver:

Windows Mobile, Blackberry and other mobile software development is one of our other core competencies. With our extensive experience with .NET Compact Framework, J2ME and C++, you get a solid development partner that can build your mobile solutions on time and on budget. Whether you need an application for retail industry, real estate, field service management, transportation, health care, financial services, construction, education or any other industry, we can create a custom, innovative wireless solutions for Pocket PCs, Smartphones and PDAs, to meet your needs.

We also deliver Mobile SMS applications, which can be used for text messaging, communication and networking, votes, ratings, registration systems, mobile marketing and statistics purposes, emergency systems, checking and monitoring systems, chats and video, and many other applications. They can also become a revenue generation tool used for premium and paid content delivery.

Technologies we adopt in development of mobile and sms applications: java, JSP, J2ME, .NET, Delphi, Nokia API and protocols such as SMPP, EMI/UCP, Nokia CIMD2, WAP etc. Applications can run on cell phones, GSM modems, personal computers and servers.