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Spear d.o.o. and Nyxtoho Ltd. cooperation announcement

Nov 10, 2013 | kolisev@yahoo.com | News | No Comments

Spear d.o.o. and Nyxtoho Ltd. cooperation announcement

In the past decade, with the growth of the Internet and mobile devices market, our industry has changed dramatically. Combining effort of our two companies will enhance our ability to serve customers around the world, offer new opportunities for our employees, make us a more attractive partner to our clients, and increase quality of our services.

Spear d.o.o. and Nyxtoho Ltd. share a similar vision and culture, and will greatly benefit from drawing on the industry’s most talented people, combining our best practices and realizing significant quality improvements. We are confident that this cooperation of equals represents a new beginning for our two companies and will allow us to build a more competitive enterprise solutions for the long term.

We are excited to bring together two companies intent on accelerating innovation for our customers and better differentiating us for success in a dynamic and highly competitive global industry.

We are confident that there will be exciting new opportunities for employees as part of a truly global business. Together, we will have the opportunity to build on our strong digital platforms and to expand our multichannel capabilities to better serve our customers and to compete more effectively.


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